Other Deals

This page lists all other deals from Logos:  

  • $1.99 books 
    First of all, along with the Free Book of the Month, Faithlife also offers a number of other books at a discount of up to 90%. Thus, you will see wonderful books discounted for bargain prices. Therefore, always scroll down once you have ordered the Free Book of the Month.
  • Monthly Sale
    In addition, each month Faithlife curates an extensive selection of Logos products in a variety of biblical or theological fields. These monthly sales are usually very rewarding.
  • Base Packages
    These are large premade libraries with products that are otherwise very expensive, but now get a big bundle discount. As a result, individual books in this package often cost 1 to 2 dollars each.
  • Other bundles
    When you are viewing a product on the Logos website, always scroll all the way down to see if the product is also part of a bundle or a base package.
  • Academic discount
    If you are affiliated with an academic program, you may be eligible for student or teacher discount. This discount can be as high as 40%!
  • Specific deals
    There are regularly big, specific Logos deals that we will publicize as much as possible in the right-hand section of this page. 
See also the overview of Free Books From Logos Bible Software. 
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