The purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is threefold:

Raising awareness about Logos Bible Software
  • Logos Bible Software is a terrific program for anyone who is serious about studying God's Word. The free version of the software together with its free resources is already a gold mine for anybody who wants to study the Bible. And for those who want to use Logos for professional purposes, the sky is the limit.
Increasing people's usage of Logos Bible Software
  • We also want to provide users of Logos with power tips and tricks and with the best deals possible to promote optimal use of the software. We are committed to help you make the best use of the most powerful Bible software in the world!
    This website is also particularly aimed at the Dutch market and it is our desire to increase the chances good Dutch resources will be offered through Logos.
Supporting Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea
  • We are officially a partner (affiliate) of Faithlife, the company that markets Logos. For every Logos product you purchase through one of our links on this website, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We then donate these commissions to Wycliffe Bible Translators for Bible Translation Projects in Papua New Guinea.

So we really appreciate your involvement in this website for the reasons mentioned!

Through your involvement, you not only benefit yourself from all the advantages this website offers, but with your purchases you also support the volunteer work of Bible Translation in remote Papua New Guinea. Isn't that a double-win?


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